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The eBay Inc. portfolio of brands connects people through technology to build a better, more connected form of commerce that creates more opportunity for all.


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HTML Tags Stats

Html Tag % Using
   head 1% 1
   body 1% 1
   div 38% 58
   a 28% 43
   header 2% 2
   form 2% 2
   label 1% 1
   input 2% 2
   button 2% 2
   h1 1% 1
   img 1% 1
   nav 1% 1
   ul 6% 8
   li 13% 19
   main 1% 1
   h3 2% 3
   p 2% 3
   h2 1% 1
   strong 3% 4

HTML Information

Name Size
DescriptionDescription Size 158
DescriptionKeywords Size 48
DescriptionTitle Size 16
domainDomain Size 5
domainSite Html Size 2.00
domainSite Html Text Size 2.00
domainSite Html Comp Size 31.00

What is Title and Description ? How should it be used ?

Title is the title of this website. It is the title of which consists of blue, as you know Google. Title is among the most important factors in terms of leaving a good impression on our visitors to our sites. In this respect, according to the title organize our content on our site as much as we can if we are, that we must also take the healthy returns.

We must pay attention to our title of up to 70 characters. Ultimately Title extremely long letter, leave a bad impression on the Google side. As you know, Google more than 70 characters in the title of the end of [...] added three points with meaning has continued. Considering that less our title but we will get good results as we keep the essence.

Description of the friends, the disclosure section of this site. That is the part we touch a little bit content of this website. Description, will also benefit us in a healthy way more use. In this regard, our aim when writing our Description'ı; the content of our site, and you should be able to tell you how we address the issues that mainly what we write. Needless to say, extremely complex and may be harmful because of irrelevant Description'ın guess.

Description'ı if we should take care to have a maximum of 160 characters. This, as well as for long as 160 characters Description, from [...] is that there's more in the form of punctuation in question. But the main reason of this character limit our explanation into our concise manner. Because of the extremely long Description, we can say that is not good in the eyes of Google.

Search Traffic

Information From Alexa

Is it important Alexa rank ?

Alex , along with the not 100% accurate data is deemed reliable data that give approximate and allows us to have an idea about the approximate site . So if a site says that Alexa ranks among the top 1000 sites in Turkey , the site in approximately one order. Data provided by Alexa rankings are considered seriously by advertisers. Advertisers , when they advertise on a website , they refer to an independent measurement tool that Alexa data. Advertisers want to take part in the high number of visitors to the site naturally. Alexa data can also be used to evaluate the SEO expert. Alexa website looking at the value of an SEO expert is doing SEO work , how we can have an idea about his successful work.

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