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HTML Tag Stats is a analysis site that gives information about html tags It searchs your web sites and collect html tags.


Why you should get searched your web site in html tag analysis.

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See your html tag stats, analyze it and get an idea what should you do.

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What We Do
We've million of domains that searched and analyzed. This project gives you information about html tags. Is it Responsive, HTML5 or is there any CSS3 features that used in a site. We collect all these tags information and check what you can do for your web sites. Is your website fast enough to open in 3 seconds? Or the HTML structure suitable for new devices? At this point we give you an idea what should you do when you have no idea if it okay or not about new technologies. When we searched and analyzed your web sites you will able to see the results. Take action as soon as possible if there any problem in your websites.
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